The world is in flux. It's an uncertain time. And although we've made it halfway through the national lockdown, for many it's a constant struggle to stave off negative thoughts.

“Temporarily losing your freedom to move is proving to be one of the more difficult personal challenges to overcome,” says Charmagne Mavudzi, Volvo’s head of marketing and communication. 

“It can be a bit easier for those who are used to working remotely and can easily connect to others through technology. However for those who are having to adapt overnight, it can be a source of deep anxiety. It’s important to navigate this challenge in a positive way.”

Striking a balance when it comes to mental wellbeing is a precarious act. Luckily, counselling psychologist Claire Moore M. Soc. Sc. (Couns. Psych.) shares her professional insight into how to keep your mental health in check during lockdown as the globe observes World Health Day.

Change your mindset

The way we feel about any situation in our lives is far more to do with our perspective than the actual situation. We can tell ourselves a story of doom and gloom, or we can look for the silver linings to the cloud. There are certainly many negatives to this global pandemic but don’t lose sight of the positives.

Appreciate the time

We have a choice in how we feel about this time. We can see it like a jail sentence and wish it away or we can see it as a gift of the most valuable thing we have, time. So be intentional about what you choose to do and be present in the moment. Mindfulness is a wonderful skill to learn.

Be grateful

No matter how difficult your situation is, you can be sure there are many people worse off than you are. Every day think about the big or small ways in which you are blessed. True happiness comes from being content with wherever we are and whatever we have.

Give back

During a crisis it is human nature to go into survival mode and think only of ourselves and our own. Instead, climb out of yourself and think of what you can do to help others. Donate money if you can or make a point of calling those people who you know will be alone during this time.

Don’t take the world on your shoulders

At a time like this it is tempting to be weighed down by the suffering of the world and become anxious about situations that are out of our control. Choosing to worry about the state of the world does not, in any way, alleviate the suffering of others. So rather do whatever you can to help within your sphere of influence and then let go of the rest.

Source: IOL
Author: By Lifestyle reporter
Publication Date: Apr 7, 2020

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